Think to Empower Change is a framework designed to enable any individual to facilitate their own personal growth and development.  I developed this framework because I believe we are all our own best life-enhancement specialists, and rather than seeking to become more merely so we can have more, I believe we have primary purpose beyond ourselves to enrich the world around us.  To wit:  We serve others much better by becoming our best. 

The 3 tenets of Think to Empower Change are simple to understand and yet robust in their scope:  1) All personal growth begins in the mind, 2)  Empowerment stems from strategy and, 3)  Change occurs with choices.

Each of these steps are imbued with remarkably strategic tools synthesized from the work of great achievers who have gone before and discovered demonstrably effective resources in the fields of Cognitive Psychology, Philosophy and Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Personal Growth & Development. 

The Think to Empower Change framework provides an effective road map toward the vital cultivation of a well-formed thought life which naturally includes the emotional literacy and social intelligence so auspiciously missing in the fabric of our cultural milieu.  I am convinced more now than ever that people are in need of revitalization and renewal via transformation not just in what they think, but in the way they think.   

The Think to Empower Change framework serves to provide the structure for this type of personal transformation process.  Steps in a process are things our mind can anchor onto and easily recall.  By providing actionable steps, the framework serves as a road map to the forward movement necessary to generate the desired outcome.  Implementing small yet powerful course corrections as a daily practice effects positive and sustainable change.  Think to Empower Change can be practiced by individuals, groups, or entire organizations.  As a framework, Think to Empower Change begins with self-discovery, developing deep awareness and taking extreme responsibility, and moves clients toward cultivating a paradigm shift which brings clarity of values and goal orientation.  From here, a course can be strategically plotted from a place of intrinsically motivated forward momentum toward greater cultivation of a well-formed thought life. 

Contrary to some of the hyperbolic marketing in the peak-performance and coaching industry, there is no silver bullet formula for personal growth.  Personal development is based on the individual and the complexity of their personal journey.  There is no ‘one size fits all.’  With this in mind, individuals and organizations can tailor and scale the Think to Empower Change framework to issues relative to their pursuits, and with practice, this process will continue to empower their personal development. 

This is because thinking to empower change applies at the foundational level.  It starts with developing skills that are necessary for all individuals, not just a select few who perhaps have unique adaptability.  This begins with developing extreme self-awareness as one learns about their cognitive process and what their primary motivations are.  The basic tools in the frame-work are learned and strategically applied to restructure this process.  As with anything, it is their practice that leads to their mastery.  The tools are not overtly complex and learning to Think to Empower Change is not dependent on education or intellectual acumen.  

The desire to formulate “Think to Empower Change” developed out of my own deep commitment to personal growth and education in significant areas related to it.  I found over the years that I richly enjoy helping others in ways related to their own growth and development and I have always vigorously pursed ideas that empower us as individuals to live our best lives before our creator.  These ideas continue to motive me to Think to Empower Change in my own life.  I hope you will join me.