Gain Clarity  Cultivate Courage   Transform Negativity  Love Your Purpose ∞ Overcome Fear  ∞ Trust Your Why  Deepen Faith   Ditch Discouragement  Control Anxiety   Strengthen Self-Confidence  Recognize Cognitive Distortions   Feel Better! 

In personal development, it is widely acknowledged that all growth begins with our thought  process.  

It is also known that transformation happens when we align our thoughts with reality.

This serves to form  true beliefs .

Guess what else?

It is through learning to see things differently that we can come to consistently see different things.

Let me introduce you to what’s possible through the  power of Thought Partnership!

Working with me will dynamically improve your ability to:

Unpack your PARADIGM

Embedded in our mental life is our our schema, our thinking habits, filters, beliefs, emotional experience, and personal narrative.  

Through the courage to  Look carefully at our paradigm,  Learn from what we discover, and  Leverage this understanding to move forward we become empowered to achieve truly sustainable growth!

Don’t just wish for change, WORK for it!


Not all of our beliefs align with reality. Let’s face it. We all have struggle stories.

Yet challenging the false beliefs that hold us back is crucial to maximizing our potential.

How are these beliefs uncovered? By asking the strategic questions that invite us to openly examine the struggle story and see where the truth is being obscured.

There is a reason that coaches use powerful questions as transformative tools to help their clients maximize their potential. They serve to provide dynamic insight into our thought process to both refine our perspective and gain clarity.  

Make small choices that lead to CHANGE

Most people believe they have to take giant leaps toward what they want and make drastic changes. However, research in behavior analysis shows that it’s the small coarse corrections we make toward the results we want that create the greatest impact. Just a mere 1% to 4% incremental improvement!

The impetus to action is recognizing where you are, knowing where you’d like to go , and acting on a strategic plan to propel you forward.

Acting according to a plan, even if it’s a simple one, is the most direct path to sustainable change.

Learn – Do – REPEAT!

 Hi, I’m Toni!

For years I enjoyed teaching philosophy & analytic thought to college students and loved helping them learn to cultivate a well-formed thought life. Now I use those skills as a Professional Coach to help others grow & reach their goals through  Thought Partnership

I’ve spent more than two decades studying the intersections of critical thinking, personal development, and cognitive psychology, and It’s so rewarding to watch clients have breakthough after breakthough and achieve what they truly value. 

Let me help you gain clarity,  discover what’s possible, and jettison the beliefs holding you back!

Can you hear that? That’s victory calling!  

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Here are articles on my latest musings and interests.  I only post peer-reviewed research based information published by experts in their respective fields.  I cite all my sources and give credit to all who have going before and done the work so I (and others) can learn, grow, repeat!  
To them…I give the deepest of thanks!