Gain Clarity  Develop Courage  Discover Truth  Conquer Negativity  Live Your Purpose ∞  Vanquish Fear ∞ Trust Your Why  Develop Deeper Faith  Make An Impact  Love Your People  Overcome Discouragement  Control Your Anxiety  Jettison False Beliefs   Strengthen Self-Confidence  Lean Into Discomfort  Recognize Cognitive Distortions  Feel Better 

THINK – Growth happens in the MIND
EMPOWER – Empowerment stems from STRATEGY
CHANGE – Change occurs with CHOICES

Within Personal Development, it is widely understood that  growth begins with our thought  process.  

It is also understood that transformation happens when we consistently align our thoughts with reality.

This serves to create true beliefs .

Guess what else we know?

It’s only by learning to see things differently that we begin to consistently  see different things.

Let me introduce you to what’s possible through the  power of Mind Management!

Working with me will dynamically improve your ability to:

Unpack your PARADIGM

Within our mental life is our cognitive paradigm, the schema or set of thinking habits, filters, beliefs, emotional experience, and personal narrative.  

Becoming self-aware of our mental life and taking extreme ownership of everything we discover are the initial keys to a paradigm shift.

This is because real change is achieved through the courage to  Look at our own paradigm,  Learn from the self-discovery, and  Leverage this understanding to propel ourselves to incredible cognitive change!

Don’t just wish for change, WORK for it!


Not all of our beliefs align with reality.  

Yet challenging the limiting beliefs we hold is crucial to maximizing our potential.

We do this by learning to ask ourselves the type of strategic questions which invite us to examine cognitive distortions that obscure the truth.

There is a reason that Coaches use powerful questions as transformative tools to help their clients maximize their potential.  They serve to provide dynamic insight into our thought process to gain clarity and refine our perspective.  

Make choices that create CHANGE

Most people believe they have to take giant leaps toward what they want and make drastic changes. However, Stanford research soundly shows that it’s the small course corrections we make toward the results we want that create the greatest impact.  

The impetus to decisive action is understanding where you are, knowing where you want to be, and developing a strategic plan that is actionable because the choices are within daily reach.

Acting according to a plan, even if it’s a simple one, is the most direct path to sustainable change.

Learn – Do – REPEAT!

 Hi, I’m Toni!

For years I taught Philosophy & Critical Thinking to college students with a view to helping them cultivate a well-formed thought life. Now I’m a Coach & Consultant and help clients develop the transformative skill of Mind Management

I’ve spend more than two decades studying the intersections of critical thinking and personal development with a view to helping people cultivate the strategic skills that serve to unleash their true potential!

Let me help you reconnect with your purpose, gain clarity on what you really want and jettison the beliefs holding you back!

 Can you hear that? That’s your future calling!  

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