Hi, I’m Toni!

“I teach people how to THINK to strategically EMPOWER CHANGE and transform the most important areas of their life.” 

Let me explain…

Ideas have consequences. This is because what we believe directs how we behave.  The way we form our beliefs is rooted in our thought process.
Personal growth is an enterprise that necessitates change not just in our thoughts, but also in our thought process. 
A person must THINK well in order to BE well.

I developed “Think to Empower Change” to help my clients do just that.

Think to Empower Change is a three-part framework of purposeful exploration that organically leads to sustainable transformation in the WAY you think. You’ll learn to:

Unpack Your PARADIGM

Our power to become self-aware by observing our thinking is the KEY to a paradigm shift.  

Embedded in our paradigm is our mental & emotional life. This includes our thought process, our internal inquiry, our assumptions, and our personal narrative.

Growth begins with courage to develop deep self-awareness as you  Look at your paradigm, Learn from self-discovery, and Leverage this knowledge to jettison dubious beliefs, re-frame your thinking and move forward. 

Strategically Ask Transformative QUESTIONS

Questions are the catalyst to radically changing our mindset and optimize our life.  

Intentionally improving our internal inquiry provides inspiration to see what’s possible and take steps to develop a forward strategy

There is a reason Coaches use powerful questions as transformative tools. It only takes several weeks of solid practice to learn to routinely ask yourself better questions and radically shift into a growth mindset. 

Commit to

Thinking about change and taking actionable steps move your forward are very different things. Results do not come from knowledge unless you commit to applying what you learn to your life.

The impetus to action is having a STRATEGIC PLAN that brings your goals into attainable focus.  

ACTING on a plan (even a simple one) is the most direct path to realize results. 

Learn – Grow – REPEAT!

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Toni brings tons of research & practice to the table, giving her such a powerful expertise in the ways of personal growth.  She has spoken great truth into my life!

Katie M., Meridian ID

Working with Toni helped me achieve nothing short of breakthrough in areas of massive importance to me. She is a gifted “Thought Mechanic!” 

Teresa O., Novato CA

After sessions with Toni, I realized that I was questioning everything about my old story and uncovering the truth! The “Think to Empower Change” process was transformative!

Chris D., Lincoln CA

 “I absolutely believe that without coaching, people never reach their full potential.”

Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot

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