Positive Parenting is a methodology based on solid evidence and research about what works. There are more than 35 years of ongoing international research behind positive parenting, and the body of scientific evidence just keeps growing. There are now more than 280 evaluation papers and including 146 randomized controlled trials that demonstrate how effective positive parenting techniques can work for most families – across different cultures, socio-economic groups and in many different family structures.

These videos are all under 3 minutes and a quick way to get condensed information for drive by viewing!  Kidsinthehouse.com is a great resource with over 9,000 parenting videos on a variety of topics.  I am posting more here all the time!

Gaining Compliance Using Descriptive Praise. – Noel Janis-Norton

How To Discipline A Child After Misbehavior. – Noel Janis-Norton

How parents can stop the cycle of yelling. – Laura Markham, PhD

How To Help Siblings Get Along Better. – Noel Janis-Norton

How and why to teach emotional intelligence. – Laura Markham, PhD

How To Bring Out The Best In Your Boys. – Noel Janis-Norton

How to Manage Screen Time. – Noel Janis-Norton

The five messages of positive parenting. – John Gray, PhD

Top five rules for raising great kids. – Laura Markham, PhD

Helping children express negative emotions – John Gray, PhD

How to get your child to want to cooperate. – Laura Markham, PhD

Understanding mindful parenting. – Julie Wright, MFT

Why you need to understand the attachment parenting theory. – Julie Wright, MFT

Signs that your relationship with your child needs help. – Laura Markham, PhD

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