Hi, I’m Toni 

I’m uniquely qualified to help professional women raise the bar in their lives and careers.

How it all started

I began my career after college as an entrepreneur. I built a a small but successful marketing company in the wireless communications industry when mobile technology first emerged. It was an exciting time.

I soon realized, however, that pounding the pavement to sell cellular was not my passion. I loved people and wanted greater purpose. So, I sold my company and went off to study how people think. I earned both a masters and a doctorate in analytic philosophy and taught the subject to aspiring minds for almost 10 years. I loved spending hours mentoring and coaching students as I watched them transform by cultivating a well-formed thought life. I especially enjoyed helping young women and empowering them to think critically about their future.  Eureka! I had found true purpose.  

Having twins in 2011 “reprioritized” my career path, and over the years, I found myself repeatedly drawn to the professional coaching industry. As a bonified thought mechanic, I realized I could do a similar type of work helping others “Think to Empower Change” and that’s how I found my ultimate passion and purpose…