Hi ~ I’m Toni Allen, M.A., D.Min (c)

I developed the framework Think to Empower Change™ and I love teaching people how to use it!

I have been deeply committed to studying the intersection of critical thinking and personal development for more than 25 years.    

Through my own journey, graduate study and research, and subsequent teaching, writing, speaking, and coaching…

The goal for me is always the same.

 Personal transformation through the renewal of my mind with a view to pursuing my purpose and helping others do the same.   

My commitment to this is also the reason I’ve spent the last several years designing a framework that facilitates the transformative effects of metacognition on personal development.

Introducing Think to Empower Change™

Metacognition is the process of “thinking about our thinking.” The tools in the framework are easy to learn and very adept at guiding us into not only a careful examination of our own cognition, and more importantly, what are the personal elements and motivators that consistently contribute to an individual’s belief-formation. 

In this way I distinguish between 
thought content
and thought process.

Understanding our thought process and how to do a deeper dive into what really motivates the beliefs we hold and the stories we tell is fundamental to sustainable change.

This is important because all personal growth requires that individuals continuously strive to formulate and adopt true beliefs while at the same time working toward rejecting those that are false.  

Formulating true beliefs based on supportive grounds is what it means to acquire knowledge.

Knowledge is powerful when there is well executed application of it to our lives. It is the strategic application of knowledge that empowers us to forge a path for ourselves that consistently feels alive with possibility and achievement.

This is a learned process primarily accomplished through the cultivation of what I call a well-formed thought life .

I currently coach individuals and groups how to use this framework and I am so grateful to be part of the helping industry where I have the privilege to facilitate the paradigm shifts my clients want so they can move forward. My passion in this area continues to be grounded in the joyful experience that demonstrates how thinking well can truly empower effectual change in people’s lives and personal development.

Conversations can transformational. Let’s have one!

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