Hi, I’m Toni. I help women change.

Our life is exactly how we lead it. When we are leading our lives, we are intentionally resolving to advance each day from where we are to 
where we want to be.

About me

 I planned for a long time to study psychology and become a therapist like my mother. I saw her make tremendous changes in her life, and her commitment to her own personal development had the most incredible impact on me. 

As a deep thinker, I was looking forward to graduate level research. After college, I applied to several programs and began working in residential treatment for adults and troubled youth. I am so grateful for those years because working in a clinical setting was the experience I needed to discover that becoming a psychologist was not what I actually wanted to do.

Even though owning a clinical practice was not my passion, I still wanted to make a dramatic difference helping others. I knew from my experience in clinic that personal change always begins in the mind. Even though I no longer wanted to study pathology, I deeply enjoyed learning and understanding the way people think. So, instead, I went on to earn degrees in philosophy and analytic reasoning. I was totally enamored! I took a position teaching the subject and spent countless hours mentoring and coaching students, just delighting in watching them grow and change. I had found my true purpose!  

It has been more than 20 years since I taught that first class, and subsequently, I have lectured at multiple institutions, including the United States Pentagon, on the vital importance of cultivating a well-formed thought life and the mind’s role in personal transformation.

I have always prioritized family over career, and after becoming a mom, I decided to step off campus into a brand-new adventure as a Professional Coach. I take great joy in keeping family life at the forefront while still leading my life’s purpose in helping others.  I used my research to build a simple framework I call “Think to Empower Change” and I use it successfully in my practice as I continue to help others lead their life the same way I saw my mom do years ago.