I offer coaching programs at a reduced rate because I know that any permanent change requires time, dedication and practice.  Clients choose the length of program they believe would fit them best.  My programs differ from hourly rate sessions in that they include options at no additional cost.  These options are also available outside of the programs, but there is an additional fee for each one of them.

Further, I like working within the context of a program because this allows the weekly sessions to be more temporally flexible then sessions based on an hourly rate.  Because all of the sessions are included in a flat rate, there are no extra fees for going over time.  For example, several times near the end of a session, clients have needed a few extra minutes to practice a new skill or to go over the suggested changes they plan to implement at home for the following week.  I myself may need more information or desire to provide some extra consultation beyond the 90 minute session limit.

(I am only able to offer this flexibility when I do not have any subsequent appointments the day of the appointment.)