Coaching offers more benefits when clients commit to a package.  This is because the coaching relationship is co-created and because making sustainable improvement requires time, dedication, and practice. 

Further, committing to a package naturally creates a mindset prepared for GROWTH.  Knowing that you will be working weekly on learning to master the Think to Empower ChangeTM framework and develop the skills that empower your personal development cements the expectation that you intend to achieve the goals that you define and commit to.  

Clients choose the package they believe would fit them best in terms of how much work they want to do.  My packages offer more value to clients over hourly rate sessions because they have a lower price-point and include options at no additional cost.  These options are also available outside of the programs, but there is an additional fee for each one of them.

Further, I like working within the context of a package because this allows the weekly sessions to be more flexible timewise than sessions based on an hourly rate.  Because all of the sessions are included at a flat rate, there are no extra fees for going over session time limits. 

Finally, no matter how you choose to work with me, it will equip you to Think to Empower ChangeTM in your life.  The framework is very effective when applied well, and if you need to discuss a payment plan with me, then let’s work together to find a solution suitable for you.