Two Powerful Catalysts for Change: Desperation and Inspiration

At some point in our lives, we may experience a sense that all is not as it should be. We either find ourselves desiring more, knowing we are stuck and unable to move forward, or we are in some state of pain or self-destructive behavior pattern. Many tell me they just want to feel better, and mostly they want to feel happy in their lives. This awareness is a gift.

For some, that awareness of the need to change happens in an instant, like a mental kettle ball.  It may occur through circumstances some label as rock bottom. For others, it happens in a divine crossroads of awareness; accompanied by the knowledge that something bigger and outside them is reaching in. Still others find it to be a slow nagging feeling, like something missing or an emptiness. You know you were meant for more. 

And here’s the key: Change usually comes through one of two circumstances: Desperation or inspiration.

“People usually change out of desperation or inspiration.”

These two catalysts are present everywhere in daily life. It seems to me that desperation is more powerfully motivating, but it need not be a major event, whether self-imposed or coming from an external source like illness, job loss, natural disaster or ahem…a pandemic.  Often desperate circumstances can be simple sadness that pervades daily, or the inability to stop destructive behavior. Either way, desperation usually presents the need for personal growth pretty clear and loud.  You can use this to your benefit. You can use desperation to also provide the inspiration for the self-reflection necessary to motivate you to choose to move toward making changes.

Notice how I don’t say choose to change. Personal growth does not often work like instant coffee. Rather personal growth is a Process.  If you sense it’s time for some change, I would love to introduce you to a powerful framework I’ve developed that anyone can use to move toward change in their life.  It’s not difficult to master, and its achievement merely requires commitment and practice.  I guarantee it will move you forward if you apply it well.  You can learn more about that here. Welcome to The Process.



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