“We are a few months into our parenting mentorship with Toni, and the atmosphere in our home is so different than what it used to be. She brings years of research & practice to the table, giving her such a powerful expertise in the ways of parenting. Most importantly she brings a tremendous amount of empathetic grace and compassion for our individual circumstances. With her I feel so safe to be transparent about how things are going, knowing that it will be met with understanding and wisdom to move forward in the right direction. She has spoken great truth into my life and has been a powerful tool in the Lord’s work of transforming me into the parent he has created me to be. This new season of intentional parenting has just begun, and we are so thankful for the gift that Toni has been to us in this time. We highly recommend that you spend some time with her to see if she can be a good fit for your family’s needs. God bless you all as you pursue praiseworthy parenting.”



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