The One Thing That Makes Everything Possible – Practice!

Tony Robbin’s Son Jarek grew up in the shadow of a giant.  As an adult, Jarek Robbins is himself a Coach and says that he knew his own success depended on far more than his father’s legacy.  He would have to model what he coached.  He states it simply:  Learn it.  LIVE it.  Teach it.  

The living it part is where most of us get stuck and only one thing will deliver the goods.  Practice.

Personal Development is an intentional activity. We can only achieve the outcome we desire through active engagement.  In order to show up the way we truly value, we must intentionally choose to engage often and with regularity.  In other words, we must practice. 

Practice works most effectively with the following two ingredients.  Focus and consistency.

Focus:  Practice should be focused because cognitive science is clear regarding the difficulty humans have performing well when distracted.  Research shows that desired outcome is best achieved when we set our intention on just one or two personal pursuits at a time.  

Consistent:  Practice should be consistent because what we focus on in the mind generates dendrites in the brain, leading to the development of new neuropathways.  If we are consistent in our practice, we develop stronger and richer pathways as a result of that practice.  Any repetitive activity has this effect on the brain. 

Thinking to Empower Change is no different.  For herein lies the glorious intersection of Personal Development and neuropsychology.  The older and habituated thought processes we focus on changing can be replaced with those we value through awareness and intention.  As autonomic responses are brought into awareness and shifted, we develop tiny new pathways for what we want to habituate in their place.  Eventually, with practice, we experience the “paradigm shifts” necessary to achieve the goal we are working toward.    

Practice doesn’t make perfect, rather practice makes possible.

If you’d like to learn some very helpful tools of thought I coach using the framework “Think to Empower Change,” then please let’s have a chat! There is never an obligation, and conversations with me often do not disappoint!  Please reach out!


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