Four SIMPLE Things That Will Reward Your Personal Growth.

If you’re just getting started in your journey of personal growth, or if you are already on a vibrant path of change & personal development, my encouragement is to COMMIT to incorporating the following 4 things into your daily practice if you don’t already:

  • Practice Gratitude:  Choose to be thankful for the opportunity to grow and change, each and everyday.  Gratitude is a superpower.  Use it often.
  • Feel your feels: Attempt to notice the emotions that you avoid feeling.  Find them…and feel them.  There are no wrong emotions.  Emotions are an essential aspect of human nature and each one was designed for a purpose in our lives. Check in with yourself each hour and simply ask yourself what you’re feeling. 
  • Practice intellectual honesty:  Be honest with yourself.  It’s ok to LOOK in the mirror and acknowledge that you are the common denominator to your life experience.  Then, purpose to work on one thing at a time.
  • Humble yourself:  Practice letting go of how you think the things in your life ought to be.  Rather, move toward accepting how they are in this moment, just for today.  Realize your making your way just like the rest of us, and reach out to support those around you doing the same in whatever way you can.  Shoulder to shoulder.  Open yourself to the realization that no one is entitled to all they dream about or desire, but that each achievement is a reward of dedication and action, and the opportunities to obtain reward for hard work is a gift. 


Questions about Personal Growth and Development?  Let me introduce you to the THINK to EMPOWER CHANGE PROCESS.  Reach out anytime!




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