This quote really spoke to me this morning. As an actor, Judy Garland spent her life developing an accomplished skill to portray other people. And aren’t GREAT actors considered such because their spectators honestly BELIEVE their act? Just like the incredible portrayal by Renee Zellweger of this eponymous superstar in the recent release about her life.

The things is, pretending to be someone you are not might be a great skill to have in Hollywood perhaps, but not so much everywhere else. And so this quote got me thinking.

I think many people naturally intuit how easy social makes it to portray a manufactured version of who they want others to believe they are.  It’s just so much easier to pretend online.

I also know from years of personal experience that when we habitually pretend to be someone we’re not, it gives rise to belief in the false notion that WHO we ACTUALLY are is somehow a mistake, that it’s NOT actually who we ought to be. 

I lived this way in early adulthood for some years. I questioned my Maker for the reasons why He designed me as a female intellectual, as if somehow those were two categories at odds with each other. I hid my intellectual acumen when socializing with other women due to the sting of rejection if they found it difficult to relate to ideas I liked to explore and discuss.  I lived in a place the now famous shame researchers Brené Brown calls scarcity.

If you relate to this, begin to practice radical self-acceptance.  In a nutshell, this is the practice of self-compassion combined with true gratitude for one’s strengths and talents.  This practice naturally gives rise to many new true beliefs about who we are and what we are meant to become.  I empower change in my life through continuously cultivating true beliefs and rejecting false ones in order to be the truest version of me possible on any given day.  I do this for the people I love and for myself in order to love those people even better.    

Don’t you long to stop acting out a second-rate inauthentic version of who you want others to erroneously believe so that you feel you are enough for them?  Because to leave that and walk in becoming a first-rate version of you really are is 1) True freedom in Christ, 2) True love to those who need you most, and 3) True value to the spheres of influence you have. 


I love to chat about these things, so reach out if you relate, and want to learn more!  #thinktoempowerchange

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