How do you typically respond to your kids when they’re upset? For some parents, their “go-to” is to respond with […]
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You can read the 1st part of this post here. Ok, so you’re on board about why we should toss […]
WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT SPECIAL TIME? Parents who implement Special Time with their child always tell me they see significant […]
“But it’s my turn to snuggle!”  “No it isn’t, it’s my turn!”  “You never give me my turn, it is […]
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If you are anything like me, impatience is second nature.  Most times, I’m just doing this and that and quite […]
This sample of research focuses on the efficacy of positive parenting styles and the long-term damage that results from punitive […]
Loving our kids. Ahhh. Who could deny that this is the priority of most parents not to mention our joy. […]
Today it seems routine that the first thing we offer children when they enter daycare, preschool or elementary school, is […]
“Mom, school is really hard. The teacher tells the kids not to tease me, but they still do it when […]
When was the last time your child did what you asked right after you asked it?  Ahhh…compliance.  The holy grail […]
Where would we be without parents?  Obviously, being brought into the world is impossible without our parents, but what is […]
Taste Testing: A Step-by-Step Approach Pick a new food similar to something your child already likes. If they like cucumbers, […]
When I first read the book, “Getting to Yum” my mind expanded tenfold.  Here I was, a parenting coach who […]