Thanks for your interest in my approach to personal development.  I am often asked why I chose Noetic.” to describe it, and the reason is I simply believe that all change begins with our thinking.  Having spent years teaching courses in analytic thought and philosophy, (see about me) along with their application to everyday life, I am uniquely trained to understand that our thought process virtually influences every aspect of our life.  How well this skill is developed directly affects the quality of our relationships, our emotional well-being, our parenting, our physical health, finances and and ultimately our future. Most Life-Enhancement Specialists (i.e., Life Coaches) teach this in one way or another.  In fact, I would venture to say that most of us intuitively understand that personal growth and development are naturally linked to our thought process.

I call this process cultivating a “noetic life” because cultivating something takes practice and noetic has to do with our thinking.  Noetic derives its meaning from the Greek adjective noētikos, meaning “intellectual,” from the verb noein (“to think”) and ultimately from the noun nous, meaning “mind.”  Noetic is also related to noesis, a rare noun that refers to the action of perceiving, reasoning and learning.  This would also include our intuition or 6th sense.  Holistically speaking, we were designed to depend on our noetic structure (web of beliefs) to govern our self-image, our emotions, our desires, and our volition (will).  

I would venture to say that most Life Coaches know this veritable truth:  What we believe directs how we behave.  Since growth begins with our thinking, becoming skillful in this area is of immeasurable value.  When we think well, we can apply knowledge practically.  This is the definition of wisdom, and the key to making impossible dreams become a reality.  Because the only thing that makes a dream seem impossible is the way a person thinks about it.  In reality, our ability to achieve our goals can be simplified by small course corrections in our noetic process!  Joy!    

Now how do I assist with this?  I think my favorite analogy regarding my role as a coach is very helpful: “If we give a person a fish, we will feed him for a day. If we teach him to fish, we feed him for a lifetime.”  This is my goal; to help others become self-empowering through breakthroughs in their thinking and the main way I do this is by encouraging individuals to examine and make small course corrections in three important areas: The way we talk to ourselves (our story), the way we formulate strategies (our plans), and the way we take care of ourselves (our physiology). The process is not painful, and I’m told it ranges from quite fun most of the time to downright exciting. Discovery usually is!

Won’t you join me?

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