I’m always researching and formulating new tactics that help to motivate my clients master my framework Think to Empower Change.  

I am passionate about the intersection of critical thinking and personal development. 

I’m radically committed to what my clients want and I work hard at helping them get results.  

I’m a bonafide Thought Mechanic! The tools of critical thinking and cognitive reframing are powerful at effecting change in our lives, and I am uniquely equipped to teach clients how to use them!

Let me explain…


→  I’m highly qualified to do this work.   

I normally steer clear of shameless self-promotion.  But I’m just going to say it.  I’m really good at what I do.  I wasn’t born with special powers, but I’ve spent years studying the intersection of critical thinking and personal development with a view to helping others Think to Empower the Change they want in their lives!  The Mechanics of Thought are powerful tools and I am uniquely qualified to show you how to use them! 

These qualifications stem from a range of both academic education and certifications in the fields of Philosophy & Analytic Thought, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Cognitive Psychology along with 18+ years of experience coaching, teaching, speaking & studying how cultivating a well-formed thought life best empowers us to develop the mindset we need to effect comprehensive change in our lives!        

→ I’m seriously motivated, & It’s contagious! 

Studying the intersection of critical thinking and personal development is one of my deepest passions, and it has consumed an embarrassingly large about of my time and energy for over two decades.  I have had friends and colleagues who say my pursuit borders on obsession.  They are wrong.  It crossed that line long ago.  The Think to Empower Change™ framework is the outgrowth of this passion, and I get ridiculously excited about the paradigm shifts my clients experience that take place as a result of using the mind tools I teach.  These tools equip you to develop self-awareness, examine your personal process, recognize your assumptions, take extreme ownership, challenge your narrative and reframe your internal inquiry to consistently move toward what you value and effect powerful change in your life.  It’s absolutely amazing to watch.  Transformation results from training ourselves to think well in order to be well, and this motivates me to keep obsessing.  As a Mindset Coach, when it comes to personal development my personal excitement is powerful and persuasive, and if you talk to those who have taken my courses, participated in my master classes, listened to my talks or personally worked with me, they will tell you that I’m completely addicted to helping others Think to Empower Change in their lives!  

→ I practice what I preach!

My friend, if there’s one thing I know well, it’s that the power of shame deeply embedded in a fixed mindset limits personal growth and development like nothing else. Further, there are so many things swimming around in our heads that we are ashamed to admit for all kinds of reasons, but primarily for fear of being judged or criticized.  I Get It. 

I am not that person.  This is I believe that criticism and judgement is toxic for personal development, and this is categorically not what I value.  I know for a fact that holding open space for those I work with allows clients to genuinely show up and be seen to the degree necessary to do this work.  Don’t get me wrong, I shoot pretty straight with my people, but first I seek to understand and acknowledge the place they come from as valid.  Only then can we honestly explore their desires, values and goals and what’s getting in the way of moving toward them.   

The standing principles of radical self-acceptance, which include the compassion and empathy we all assiduously need are woven through all of my classes, coaching, and seminars, and they are values I don’t compromise on.

→ I deliver what this work is worth!

I understand that when seeking to hire a Personal Growth Strategist or any other personal service provider, the questions in a client’s mind eventually are: 

“How much does this cost?” and “Can I afford it?”  

If that’s you, then here me out.  Because I have found that there are genuinely two things that motivate people toward personal growth; inspiration and desperation.  Whether you want to grow because you are inspired by a vision of what’s possible for your life or because your sick and tired of being stuck in the same story with no momentum forward, then you are in the right place and I have two things to offer:  

The first is that I would encourage you to consciously reframe the above questions to “What is having the future I want worth to me?” and “How long am I willing to wait for it?”  This reframing refocuses your vantage point to a place which allows you to identify what is more important to you.  Most people’s thoughts about money are from a place of scarcity or not-enough,” and becoming aware of this is the first step.  If you are guided in your pursuit of personal development by a mindset of scarcity, this is most likely contributing to the reasons your seeking assistance in the first place.  Changing your internal inquiry serves to inform you of the ways you are habitually holding yourself back.  

The second thing is that you can rest assured that my fee schedule is far below what many personal development specialists out there typically ask, and I don’t require minimum commitments from my clients to months of services for a flat fee of $1,000’s.  Rather, if you want to commit to a program, I actually offer discounts for doing so and I have payment plans available.  That information is available on my Fee Schedule.

If your interested in working with me, there is NO CHARGE for a discovery call and I would love to introduce you to Think to Empower Change™!

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