I absolutely love the Big Life Journal Company. Big Life Journal began in 2017 when founders Alexandra and Scott decided to create child-friendly resources to develop a growth mindset.  The husband and wife team experienced first-hand the life changing benefits of a growth mindset and, once they became parents, began searching for personal development tools they could use with their son.

However, Alexandra and Scott were only able to find concepts of mindset, resilience, and self-esteem for adults and weren’t able to find any resources specifically designed for children.

It was then they decided to create their own resources using language and stories kids could relate to and easily understand.  Viola!

Their tools and resources are brought to life by a dedicated team of parents, home school families, educators, family coaches, designers, illustrators and growth mindset experts – from around the world!

Together with the team, their founder, Alexandra Eidens, creates the resources to be as effective (and fun!) as possible for the target age group. Then the content is passed onto one of their talented illustrators and designers trained in how to best communicate to kids through art.

As the creators of the big life Journal, they are excellent at developing colorful and engaging materials to help parents teach their kids how to cultivate a growth mindset!  I have Big Life Journal for both my children, and I highly recommend them.  Look for more free material from them under the category “Growth Mindset.”  Enjoy the free printable below, 7 activities to help your child develop a positive attitude.


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