I absolutely love the Big Life Journal Company. Big Life Journal began in 2017 when founders Alexandra and Scott decided […]
This week’s Q & A: When something goes wrong in my 8-year-old’s life (a Lego creation breaks or he loses […]
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I tried to teach my child with books, He gave me only puzzled looks. I used clear words to discipline, But I […]
Emotions…we all have them. Everything we do and everything we learn is shaped in some way by the way we […]
Before I even realize it, I’m already 10 steps into reacting with whatever issue is at hand with my kids. […]
This is part 2 in a series on Digitally Distracted Parenting.  You can read part 1 here. Part of this […]
Parents, we all know conflict with our kids happens within every family. And when it does, there is always a […]
I know this may seem obvious, but the the most effective way to stop misbehavior is to prevent it in […]
1.  A praiseworthy parenting style is one where the adult chooses to regulates their own emotions by catching and acknowledge their […]