This week’s Q & A: When something goes wrong in my 8-year-old’s life (a Lego creation breaks or he loses […]
One of the focuses for 2019 that I have chosen for is teaching my kids “Self Control.” Self-Control is defined as: “Choosing […]
Having trouble getting your kids to come to the table at dinner?  Do you wish they wouldn’t argue so much […]
Ok, maybe not.  But it’s a catchy title, and honestly, there really is a way to ratchet sibling rivalry down […]
I know this may seem obvious, but the the most effective way to stop misbehavior is to prevent it in […]
This morning my daughter had a hard time. Her twin brother, with whom she is very close, really let her […]
If you were anything like me, your parents counted to three, when you didn’t listen the first time, and now […]
Do you have a picky eater?  Does this sound familiar at your dinner table?  Your family is sitting around the dinner […]
If you are anything like me, impatience is second nature.  Most times, I’m just doing this and that and quite […]
“Mom, school is really hard. The teacher tells the kids not to tease me, but they still do it when […]
When was the last time your child did what you asked right after you asked it?  Ahhh…compliance.  The holy grail […]
Taste Testing: A Step-by-Step Approach Pick a new food similar to something your child already likes. If they like cucumbers, […]
When I first read the book, “Getting to Yum” my mind expanded tenfold.  Here I was, a parenting coach who […]